To insert the Spray-Liner® spray-head into the sewer pipe an access is needed. This access can be the venting opening, the connections of the sanitary facilities, the revision opening or the main sewer, from there the defective pipes will be renovated. Parts of a pipe or the whole pipe network can be rehabilitated. In particular a perfect bonding of pipe bends and side connections is achieved with this spraying method, thus water infiltration is no longer an issue. In the case an epoxy liner is already set in the main sewer, the milled side connections can be renovated with the Spray-Liner® method. Both methods can be applied in combination with each other.

First of all the customer/house owner/tenant will get detailed information with regard to the renovation and the arrangements needed.

Afterwards the defective pipe has to be checked and analyzed. Therefore the pipe is inspected by a special camera in order to locate and evaluate the damage.

The sewer pipes have to be cleaned mechanically or with high-pressure water, so that dirt deposits or other obstacles will be removed. No base coat (primer) needed. The pipe to be repaired does not need to be dry it can be dampish and can directly coated with the Spray-Liner® method after the cleaning process.

Lager damages will be covered on the interior pipe wall (by another method developed by us) to get a homogeneous surface for the following renovation.

Due to the compact construction of the Spray-Liner® machine, it is possible to work even in very small rooms and the whole equipment can be carried to the place of work. Then the hose package is inserted to the part of the pipe which has to be renovated. Now, by means of the rotating spray-head, two layers of the two-component epoxy resin are applied onto the pipe wall. One layer is applied with left rotation and one layer with right rotation. By a tiny camera, placed on the rear center head, the whole spraying process can be followed on the monitor. Within the sewer pipe a new robust coating is arisen with a wall thickness of 3-4mm. Of course if requested or needed several layers are possible. The whole process is quite, safe, eco-friendly and inodorous.

The video images of the camera can be recorded and are part of the documentation, as well as the extensive information registered by a data log interface.

In addition the entire process is PLC-controlled and supervised to ensure the quality of each step. Thus the retraction speed, the quantity of the resin and the rotation speed of the spray-head are controlled. Each step is recorded automatically.

After a successful renovation the access to the pipe network will be closed professionally and the renovated pipe can be used again.

The complete rehabilitation of a sewer pipe can be done in one day. That saves time and money, as with the Spray-Liner® method 1metre of the pipe can be renovated in 1 minute.