The Spray-Liner® process in detail

Spray-Liner® spray operation in PE pipe
Spray-Liner® spray operation in PE pipe
  • An internal renovation of sewage pipes with inner diameters starting from 34mm up to 155mm in inhabited apartments and buildings.
  • Usage of an inodorous, elasticized two-component epoxy resin system
  • Suitable for nearly all kind of pipe materials such as PVC, vitrified clay, concrete, cast iron, fibre cement, GRP, PE, PP and so on.
  • With this homogenous internal coating of sewer pipes Spray-Liner® offers an efficient alternative to the conventional exchange of old pipes.

Application area


A patented rotating spray-head is inserted into the pipe and squirts a two-component epoxy resin onto the interior of the pipe wall. The whole process is safe, quite, inodorous, eco-friendly and visually controlled.kontrolliert.