BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® are combining their strengths under the BRAWO® Systems umbrella brand and ensuring even more intensive customer service in Germany with a new sales structure

Kaiserslautern/Bergisch Gladbach, 30. Januar 2019. The system providers BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® will in future bundle the four brands of BRAWOLINER®, Spray-Liner®, BRAWO® Tech and BRAWO® Academy under the strong BRAWO® Systems umbrella brand. At the same time, the system supplier established a new sales structure to offer the customers an even more intensive and individual support in the future. As of now, the sales regions in Germany are split into north, south and west.

To offer the customers an even better and more intensive support, BRAWO Systems has reorganized its sales regions on January, 1st 2019. The domestic sales regions were divided into three parts: As of now, the sales staff is the contact for the four brands BRAWOLINER®, Spray-Liner®, BRAWO® Tech und BRAWO® Academy, which are grouped together under the strong umbrella brand BRAWO® Systems: Ulrich Rudolph (Tel: +49 172 9668296, E-Mail: serves the northern and eastern part of Germany and Ronny Frischmuth (Tel: +49 173 3457405, E-Mail: the south. Thomas Schwartner, previously sales Spray-Liner®, will serve the western part of Germany from now on (Tel: +49 162 2681427, E-Mail:

„With the reorganization of the sales regions, we want to offer to our customers and users a even better and more individual service and support. We have joined forces and know-how in our excellently positioned sales team and we excited to strength and promote our four brands BRAWOLINER®, Spray-Liner®, BRAWO® Tech und BRAWO® Academy weiter zu stärken und voranzubringen“, summarizes Gunter Kaltenhäuser, head of BRAWOLINER® division and director Spray-Liner®. „Based on our new, integrated brand strategy with the strong umbrella band BRAWO® Systems, we ensure a clearer perception in the market and the strengthening of our four different brands“, stresses Candida Heinrich-Piras, head of Marketing.

BRAWO® Systems, with its four brands BRAWOLINER®, Spray-Liner®, BRAWO® Tech and BRAWO® Academy, offers its customers maximum flexibility on the often difficult to plan construction sites for building and property drainage.

BRAWOLINER® not only offers a complete and high-quality range for the rehabilitation of defective pipes for both building and property drainage. With the new light curing system, BRAWO® LumCure, the system provider has now added a further module to the established epoxy resin systems and the curing processes with ambient temperature, steam and water to the product portfolio. This curing method is particularly suitable for those construction sites where there is a great deal of time pressure and an above-average curing speed is required. With its four different curing methods, BRAWOLINER® offers its customers and users the maximum range of options, allowing each application scenario to be dealt with individually.

The Spray-Liner® process simplifies the rehabilitation of damaged sewage pipes in buildings. At the heart of this is a patented spraying process with which just one special epoxy resin is sprayed from the inside onto defective pipelines. In the case of the Spray-Liner® process – as with the BRAWOLINER® process – no walls or floors need to be opened up in order to repair damaged pipes. Spray-Liner® is the market leader in the field of spraying processes and can already look back on a successful company history.

The BRAWO® Tech division comprises high-tech products and tools for the installation of the BRAWOLINER. In addition, high-quality vehicle upgrades are offered. These are not limited to one manufacturer or one model, but are carried out for vehicles of all types and makes. BRAWO® Tech thus responds to the individual needs and requirements of its customers.

With the BRAWO® Academy, BRAWO® Systems offers a comprehensive training and further education programme on all aspects of the building drainage network. Gaps in knowledge are closed here and existing know-how is developed. The contents of the courses include rehabilitation practice, planning, feasibility studies, standards and regulations.

 „With our new sales structure and the combination of our own brand under the umbrella BRAWO® Systems, we are excellently positioned for the future and can react more flexibly react within the market“, says Gunter Kaltenhäuser. „We are looking forward to a continued close co-operation with our customers and users and many joint projects!“