Swedish company Swoosh successfully rehabilitates waste water pipes within buildings with the innovative Spray-Liner® method in inhabited living spaces

The swedish company Swoosh, located near Stockholm, is a customer of the system supplier Spray-Liner® since April 2018 and is rehabilitating the complete drainage pipes in inhabited living spaces in 15 residential properties with 3 floors each. In the current project, the individual rainwater and wastewater pipes with dimension DN 100 are rehabilitated with the Spray-Liner® method from the roof downwards.

The preliminary works have taken place the day before the rehabilitation: The pipes were grounded and cleaned with the BRAWO® Vortex Cutter, so that the cross-section in the pipe was re-opened. The surface of the pipes was smoothed for the spraying process, too. All the Spray-Liner®equipment was carefully lifted by crane on the roofs of the residential properties.

On the day of the phased rehabilitation, the water was shutted in the concerned apartments and the residents were informed that the use of the drainage was currently not possible. Subsequently, the wastewater for the apartments below was drained through huge collecting tanks in the cellar and pumped to the main channel. Then, the rehabilitation could start and the cast iron pipes were rehabilitated in two spraying processes. The success of the rehabilitation was controlled with TV-inspection afterwards. The drainage system was re-installed and the residents could use the drainage as usual, again.

The Spray-Liner® hose package was used for the rehabilitation, too. Thus the resin could be held permanently fluid on the working site despite the chilly scandinavian temperatures and the works could be done until November. A sooner restart of the working sites in spring is therefore possible, too.

The Spray-Liner® method makes it easier to rehabilitate damaged waste water pipes. At the heart is a patented spraying process, with which a special expoxy resin is sprayed onto defective pipes from inside. With the Spray-Liner method – just as with the BRAWOLINER® method – no walls and floors have to be opened to rehabilitate damage pipes. Spray-Liner® is the market leader in the spray method sector and can already look back on a successful company history. The BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® team looks forward to a continued successful future with demanding projects.