Transportable to the place of work


  • Spray-Liner® machine with Human Interface ( HMI ) Touch Screen
  • Electric controlled retraction unit
  • Special spray-head and spray-disc
  • Product hoses in different lengths and types
  • Remote control and the cables needed
  • Spray-head cleaning unit and components
  • Instruction manual CE normed and in different languages
  • Spray-Liner® specific epoxy resin: “ Evergreen “

“Evergreen” (epoxy-) resin

Spray-Liner® uses an especially developed high-quality epoxy resin system.


  • the resin is inodorous and free of styrene
  • “ green “ for the best visual control
  • flexible epoxy resin
  • form-, force- and close-fit technology
  • several coatings can be applied
  • up to 3mm in one spraying process is possible
  • easy to handle
  • applicable on pipes with residual moisture